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Here I will share with you my way of clean living made easy, through food and fitness.

I am a fully qualified Personal trainer with a Diploma of Fitness and cert 3 in both Nutrition and business.


Being a mum of two has seen me naturally fall into training a lot of like minded mums with goals to get fit and feel like themselves after having children. Offering a mobile service has helped more women commit to training programs and eating plans when they have young babies at home with them.

As well as mentoring young women in a gym or outdoor environment either in one on one PT sessions or private group sessions.
My programs are specifically designed for women and to target toning and sculpting lean muscles in female problem areas as well as creating core strength for a solid foundation for exercises to be performed correctly. Check out my FIT BODY tab for my methods and to book in Personal training with me!

As I am only one person, my travelling zone is small and my client schedule can be quite full, I created the FitBody travel pack to help all those people who I can’t come to physically.

The Fit Body Travel pack is light weight and designed to be easily packed when travelling or neatly packed away at home.

It is the perfect companion to those time poor women and men who would like to train at home or when travelling.

The travel pack includes a small guide of exercisers to get you started with your travel pack! go to my SHOP tab.


My food phylosophy has Emphasis on creating EASY healthy food through original clean food recipes.  Being a busy mum, I don't have time for complicated; my recipes are as simple as possible using unprocessed clean ingredients and never sacrificing taste!


Eating clean doesn’t have to be hard and you don’t need to be a master chef to follow my recipes. Yes its fun to make special things on occasion but everybody needs healthy on hand ideas that aren't going to overwhelm us at the thought of preparing them.

 Nourishing the body from the inside is what I believe in with clean unprocessed food not counting calories. Not only will eating clean along with exercise make you look good physically. You will glow from the inside out with your skin, eyes, hair and nails all becoming clear and bright when your putting the right stuff in!

I began developing recipes after my first son was born in 2008 when I had gained a fair amount of weight 28kg to be exact! counting calories never worked for me and was a double edged sword leaving me hungry that lead to overeating. Clean eating, lots of greens and consistency in training is the magic formula to feeling and looking your best without the battle. Its a lifestyle change you will never regret.



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